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Deb Keldrauk

My ipad is using OS11 as well could you walk me through how to get my AcuDesign to work correctly with it again?
Thanks in advance Jim

I spoke too soon with regard to the Dropbox fiasco. With iOS 11 it's still viable and fairly simple to EXPORT a design to Dropbox, but IMPORT is more complicated. Unless Janome updates the app, it's going to be seriously crippled with regard to import options. Hopefully they are already working on an update.

EXPORT procedure (iOS 10 or later ONLY)
1. Open the App Store and update Dropbox if it is listed in the updates.

2. Open the Dropbox app and let it do its "housekeeping" if requested.

3. When sending to Dropbox look in the last row of icons (the gray ones) for "Save to Dropbox". Note that this will not default to the folder "Artistic" inside the "Apps" folder on Dropbox. You will have to navigate there yourself before saving by tapping "Choose a different folder". The plus side is that you can save it wherever you want now, no longer tied to the Artistic folder.

IMPORT procedure (iOS 11 ONLY)
1. Open the "Files" app on your iPad. This is new with iOS 11.

2. In the Locations (left column) tap "Dropbox".

3. Tap folders as needed until you find the one containing your design. It will NOT have an icon for the design. Instead it will show the AcuEdit icon, along with a little cloud if the design has not yet been downloaded to the iPad. All you will have to go on is the file name.

4. Tap the file you want. A white screen will open with the name of the file in the center. Tap the square icon in the top right corner of that screen. This will open a dialog where you can select AcuDesign from the top row of apps. If you have not previously opened AcuDesign it will open with a message about being busy. Let it finish opening and repeat the entire process.

AcuDesign is far from perfect, but it's the most flexible app that Janome has for the iPad, being the only one that can open designs from sources other than the machine. It's worth noting that AcuDesign was created for Janome by Wings Systems, and their app DRAWings Snap has the same problem with Dropbox. Dropbox sent notices to all developers last year to advise of the ending of the version 1 API, which most apps were using. I am a very tiny, nearly unknown developer and I got the notice. I fixed our apps well in advance of the cutoff. The fact that Wings Systems did not is puzzling. Their most recent update of DRAWings Snap was 7 months ago and the most recent review is a one-star from April.

Apps of this type are VERY expensive to develop, and the market for them is very small. That's why they are pricey. This may effect their priority in updating the app.

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