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Hello Jim:

Thank you for your advise. My faith in the dealer has been restored. To settle the issue, the dealer did the right thing, and gave me more than 1/2 off on the MBX software. I am a happy customer...Mar

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Your dealer has done you a "dis"service by telling you that you can use Digitizer Pro 2.0. Yes, it makes JEF designs, but you are limited to smaller hoops than you have available on the 12000 AND you will be unable to connect it to your machine. I think he/she was telling you to save in DST format, which has no hoop limits (or color information), but the 12000 will have none of that. It's JEF, JEF+, or JPX, period. Pack up your 2.0, take it into the store and tell the dealer that you are either trading in your Digitizer 2.0 (If it's all that powerful, the dealer should jump at the chance, right?) for $500 difference OR they can order you the Digitizer MBX upgrade for a price well below the $500 MSRP. You really want MBX - it will make everything easier and you'll have more tools to work with as well.

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I purchased my Janome 12000 two months ago. At that time the dealer told me that the Digitizer Pro 2.0 software would work with the 12000 and that I did not need to purchase new software. However, Digitizer Pro does not show any of the 12000 hoop sizes. When I try to customize a hoop size it will not allow me to save it. My dealer told me to save it as a "dis" instead of "jef", but this did not work. Also, the Horizon Link will not accept any files except "jef". Does anyone know how I can get this to work. The size of the embroidery is 9 1/2 x 1 1/2, so I need one of the larger hoops to work? Any ideas would be very much appreciated...Mar

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