Microquilter Thread

cas <cassweet@...>

I ended up getting the 7002 Lace White.  I wrote them with the confirmation of the order to feel free to change it if they have a cooler color.  My quilt is blues and silver, so I wanted a cool tone.  Thanks for the information. 



I have #7003, Off White. I'd say it's more a very pale cream/muslin (like #1949 Madeira Polyneon). The 7007 Silver is warm rather than cold, just a hint of taupe (like 1949 Madeira Polyneon). The 7026 Taupe is a warm medium Khaki (like 1738 Polyneon). I'm comparing these to the Madeira thread chart I have. And yes, there is a lot of thread on these cones. What's striking is that even if it doesn't quite match your fabric, it is so fine that you can't see the difference.

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