Re: Jeans sewn on the 15000 and Skyline 7

Estelle Torpy

Hi Cas,

I used the original Tessa pattern, here’s the link

You found the alteration to taper the legs of that pattern. The legs on the original Tessa pattern is 20 1/2” around. I haven’t looked at the tapered leg pattern so I don’t know what the size difference is. 
My jeans are very comfortable and not baggy but not skin tight either. I wore them to a conference that went from 7am to 9pm with a lot of sitting. They still looked pretty good at the end of the day. 

I have also made a couple of Oslo jackets from Seamwork which I find work well in knit fabrics.

I highly recommend the Tessa pattern. I am now making a pair with slightly stretch denim.


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