Re: DIME Quilt Topper and Splitting Batting

J Fraker

I put my template in place on the quilt, mark the center point, remove the template and drop my needle into the center point to hold the quilt in place, then attach the quilt topper.  You can use the piecing on the quilt top to get it aligned straight with the edges of the quilt topper, or measure if necessary.

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I do the same think with the AQS hoop.  I attach it to the machine, put the quilt on top, align it with the heavy plastic template, put the magnets back on and off I go.  

I bought the Quilt Topper and can't figure out how to use it accurately.  How do you line up your design with out the gridded plastic template?  I print a picture of my design and tape it to the template, and use that to align each section.  I must be missing something because I can't figure out how to align the quilt with the Quilt Topper.  It's just a big open square.  

Any suggestions?

Gail in FL

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