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lynn muir

Thanks for info can you tell where you found instructions on Diane's video thanks in advance Lynn

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It's shown in this video ( at about 8:25. You may want to watch the videos prior to this one to get the full context.

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Someone mentioned basting a quilt here and I thought I add this:  I just completed a queen/full size quilt (with Cuddle on the back and batting so it weighed a lot) and used a technique I saw Diane use in one of the Quilt in the Hoop videos.  She thread basted it.  Not only did it work wonderfully for me- no pins which are difficult to open and close, and who love to stick me, but it was fast, very fast to do.  The only thing I wished I did was plan the basting areas but it turned out fine because you can just clip the threads anywhere and it works!  I used 12 wt thread and that worked well but lesser weight thread should also work.  I tried lesser but just preferred the heavy weight as it was so easy to handle.  And I used one of those needles with the pop in top.  That made the whole process go quickly too.

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