Re: 15000 update

Cheryl Paul

I've just taken my 15000 in for the upgrade to V3.  In Saskatoon and also Humboldt, Saskatchewan the dealers are also doing a service of our machines IF we purchase the upgrade.  A cleaning in Saskatoon is $129, so I think the price is worth it providing you didn't just have your machine cleaned and serviced recently.  I did have my serviced in August, but my dealer may give me a discount - have to see as the technician was sick yesterday on my appointed upgrade day.  The cost of the upgrade in Canada is $189. but that would be the same cost for me if I were to run across the border to have it done.  Our dollar isn't at par like it was a few years ago.
Cheryl - Saskatoon

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I have the Janome 15000V2.  Can I get the FREE UPDATE and wait on the UPGRADE ($149)? I do know I have to return/exchange my P foot (& ankle) for new ones. I also get new needle threader installed.

Will the new FREE UPDATE: P foot, ankle foot, and new needle threader cause sewing and embroidery problems without installing the UPGRADE?

I do know what the new upgrade consists of but not sure I will use all the new feet that come with the upgrade at this time. I was more interested in the new needle threader.

When you do the free threader replacement & upgrade you will have a V3 machine. You do not need to get the $149 foot package, and everything will still work fine. The foot package is designed to bring you up to the same feet as a new Quilt Maker 15000. It's entirely optional.

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