Re: Janome 15000 puckering

Maria Morrow

I have just started to try to use decorative stitches on my15000. No matter what I have tried, the fabric is puckering. I am using one or two layers of cotton. I have tried a new needle, new thread , less tension, more tension, re-threading, new sharp needle...I  feel like I have tried everything. The  first improvement is heavily stacking the fabric, letting it dry,  then ironing it and then sewing   I feel the machine should make the fabric pucker without all this effort.   Very expensive machine should do all its functions without these issues. 

I am new to sewing so I know there are techniques and "tricks". But I read online and tried many things. 

Decorative stitches pull the fabric much more than straight stitches. Even though it's not embroidery, the effect is the same and so is the fix. Use a stabilizer. Usually a lightweight tear-away is sufficient. Even a bit of freezer paper applied to the back with an iron can help a lot. It has nothing to do with the machine, just the physics of thread pulling on fabric. Note that if you are sewing on the bias it will be even more of a problem. Try stabilizer and life should be good again.

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