Re: DIME Quilt Topper and Splitting Batting

J Fraker

Have you heard of the Snap Hoop from Designs in Machine Embroidery?  They don't make it for the Janome machines because of the location of the embroidery arm.  The Quilt Topper is sort of the substitute for the Snap Hoop.  It works with the Janome ASQ hoop.  It is just a plastic ring that has slits in it for magnets.  The magnets are very strong.  You attach the ASQ hoop to your machine, lay your quilt in the hoop where you want a design, put the DIME plastic ring on top and pin it in place with the magnets (there are 12 magnets that come with the Quilt Topper).  When you want to move to the next section of the quilt, instead of removing the ASQ hoop and re-hooping the quilt, you just take the magnets off, slide the quilt to the next area, and attach the Quilt Topper with the magnets again.  Saves a ton of time and effort.  I tried to find a video using the quilt topper, but haven't found one.  If you watch the snap hoop video on YouTube, it works in a similar manner.

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May I ask just what the DIME Quilt Topper is?  Is it just the hoops?  Thanks, Sharon
I'm quilting my first whole quilt on the 12000 (not my first quilt, just my first using the embroidery machine).  I purchased the DIME Quilt Topper a few weeks ago, just about the time there was a discussion about it.  I hated it at first because the quilt sandwich was too far above the machine bed.  Turns out that's an operator error on my part.  I am quilting a large lap quilt and had trouble with some designs I was using with a lot of backtracking.  Got those done and am now doing the block corners (triangular shape) and decided to give the Quilt Topper another go.  I love it!  Turns out, I was just keeping the quilt too taut.  I kind of press it down into the hoop, put the quilt topper on, and it is stitching beautifully.  I'm using a single run feather design that I digitized myself with MBX.  It's a huge timesaver because I was going to have to do a lot of re-hooping.  In addition, many thanks to whoever it was that suggested splitting the batting.  Makes everything much easier.  I'm starting the quilting on a second quilt and am doing the center section, then will do each end.

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