Janome 15000 noise in embroidery arm

G Rulo

Today I started an embroidery design on my 15000.  I stopped the machine with one color stop remaining to go to church. Put the machine back in sewing mode and turned the machine off after returning the arm to it's original position.  When I got home I turned the machine on and placed it in the embroidery mode.  The arm moved out but when it moved to the left it made an awful noise. I was afraid to use it so I placed it back in sewing mode, again the awful noise when it moved to the right.  The machine has been serviced yearly and was just serviced in Feb of this year.  

I can't imagine what happened in the time I turned the machine off then back on. 

 I plan to take it to the shop on Tuesday when they open but wondered if anyone had experienced this situation.  



Something is preventing the carriage from moving to the left. You might remove the carriage and check underneath for anything wedged in there. Otherwise you'll need your dealer, as it would have to be opened.

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