Re: DIME Quilt Topper and Splitting Batting


Thanks for the follow up and tip.  I purchased the DIME Quilt Topper at a demo/workshop discount but had hesitated to use it after some of the have been ridiculously busy with work and general life chaos.  I will have to give it a try when I get some breathing space.


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I'm quilting my first whole quilt on the 12000 (not my first quilt, just my first using the embroidery machine).  I purchased the DIME Quilt Topper a few weeks ago, just about the time there was a discussion about it.  I hated it at first because the quilt sandwich was too far above the machine bed.  Turns out that's an operator error on my part.  I am quilting a large lap quilt and had trouble with some designs I was using with a lot of backtracking.  Got those done and am now doing the block corners (triangular shape) and decided to give the Quilt Topper another go.  I love it!  Turns out, I was just keeping the quilt too taut.  I kind of press it down into the hoop, put the quilt topper on, and it is stitching beautifully.  I'm using a single run feather design that I digitized myself with MBX.  It's a huge timesaver because I was going to have to do a lot of re-hooping.  In addition, many thanks to whoever it was that suggested splitting the batting.  Makes everything much easier.  I'm starting the quilting on a second quilt and am doing the center section, then will do each end.

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