Re: Editing messages

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Thanks for the links.  There were some interesting explanations about email that I didn't know.  The first video explained what I already knew about how to trim messages, but it was good to  get a refresher.  It mentioned that using an ipad or iphone can sometimes cause problems, so as an experiment, I'm using a lap top.  As with the other two devices, when I click "reply to group", a new window opens, and there is nothing to trim.  I'm hoping that means that any previous posts are not being displayed when they appear on the digest.  Maybe it depends on which email program people use?  Now that I think of it, Comcast seems to include every previous message on any particular topic.  Glad I don't use it for for the Yahoo groups.  I'm going to follow the directions for setting up labels (I'm assuming that's the equivalent of folders?) so my inbox doesn't get so cluttered.  Hopefully. when this post appears, there will be nothing extraneous included.  Thanks again for the help and explanations.  Sue Raabe  susies.stitches@...

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