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You mention a new foot shank and P foot.  What about the AcuFeed (dual feed) feet holders or darning foot that also attach directly to the post?  Will the old ones continue working?


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Have upgraded 6 machines in the last 3 days. The Update kit comes with 3 items: New Foot Shank, New P foot and a new Thread Guide Plate.
On 2 kits the new Thread Guide Plate would not hold the thread tail. Had to open another kit. Janome confirmed that they have had issues with the plate.]

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So do we get a new P foot along with the up grade and threader change on the 15000? Or is the new P foot in the accessories that we purchase for $149.00.

Jan Swenson
North Dakota

The threader update includes the new P foot and the snap-on foot holder. Both of those items are replaced.

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