Re: Update or Upgrade - for the MC15000

cas <cassweet@...>

Thanks for letting us know.  I hope everyone that gets the update will share the details.




Had my MC15000 upgraded last Thursday.  Took it home only to discover it no longer operated properly.  When hitting stitch #14, stich #13 displayed; when hitting icon for "settings" the "folder" icon opened; when hitting "X" icon to close current screen, nothing would happen and had to shut off machine.  I live in Illinois, USA and luckily we have an excellent dealer.  I took the machine back in, they confirmed everything seemed to be "off".  They called me stating they spoke w/Janome engineers and had tried to reinstall upgrade twice again but with no improvement to machine's function.  Janome told them they were sending a new "B Board" to be installed.  Hopefully this will fix the problem.

I hadn't read where anyone had this experience with the upgrade so just wanted to make everyone aware.  


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