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Thanks Ceil.


I never have used the thread cutter since I started having problems with the threader.  I snip a 3” length and leave the thread dangling after I’ve gone through the threading steps and this seems to work fine.  It’s also what my tech suggested, saying at the training he went to the people who used the thread cutter were having problems getting the threader to work, and the techs who just left the thread hanging were not.  I cut it short so it wouldn’t get tangled up behind the foot.


Since the last time I got my threader fixed it has continued to work which made me wonder if I got a new type.  Especially since it was fixed several times before, repeatedly getting misaligned.  The fact that it almost hits my embroidery  foot makes me wonder even more. Can anyone who has not updated tell me where their needle is situated above the P foot before you start embroidering?  Mine is all the way to the left of the opening, almost grazing the metal.


I am on the list for the threader update when it arrives.  I think I’ll go ahead and get the quilting upgrade too even though I have most of those feet that come with it already and have figured out how to do a scant ¼” , but it includes a machine update.


I just hope the new threader works as well as this one has been.  Did anyone’s tech tell them if the new parts have any type of warranty?  My labor warranty has run out.




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The J foot and the new ankle (foot holder) both have slants now as the needle threader has been redesigned.  Otherwise the needle threader would hit them.   But make sure that your threader works many times before you leave your dealer.  My thread cutter (on the top left which cuts the needle thread from above) is getting dull so my dealer suggested I not use it before threading the needle.  My needle threader works fine without trimming the thread first but sometimes would snag the thread and give the threader some resistance so it couldn't pull the thread.  I'm fine with not trimming first but Janome tells you to do that which is what you should do if your machine is newer and your thread trimmer is sharp.  I'm going to have my dealer replace it next time it's due for repair but I didn't realize it was getting dull.  It cuts fine for me but guess sometimes just the end that remains on the cutter won't come off as easily as the threader would like.  Just pointing this out so you know what to expect. 

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