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Ok, thanks.  Since the last time I had mine repaired it has kept working. I had it over there at least three times prior to that.   I often have to reseat the needle, but it works.  I thought maybe I was a test subject for a new threader since I did give him a part number that a friend gave me from her dealer when she had hers fixed, but I guess not since it comes with different ankle and foot.


Any idea why the J foot has a slant? 


I wonder if the new threader comes with any type of warranty, or would it just be the original warranty on the machine?  You know the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”



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If I wasn't right there when my dealer replaced the threader, I would not know the difference.  That said, I never had a problem with the old threader and my dealer felt that most had no problem either( in his experience.)  But he does a great job of making sure that things work well and adjusting them correctly if they don't!  I probably wouldn't notice the difference in the J foot (it has a slant) and the ankle either; but they are definitely different.

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