Re: 15000 update

Ceil J

Took mine to my wonderful dealer today!  While I was there he updated the machine with the software, new feet, and needle threader which he checked many time to ensure that it worked.  The update was free and he said he didn't understand why dealers would charge for it but it's up to the dealer, not Janome on this issue as apparently Janome can't set the rates for service.
Also got my upgrade kit at $135. (no tax as my dealer is in New Hampshire).  He's one of the top dealers in the country and has 71 update kits! 
He is such a great dealer.  I said I was interested in getting the binding foot (big, expensive one) in the future and he said to call him first (I said probably in the spring) so that he could make sure the woman was there who can give me a 45-minute lesson on how to use it.  Free lessons for life. 
I'm sharing all this to show what a dealer can and should be like.  He's a great guy and gives wonderful advice. 

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