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Cheryl Paul

Our Upgrade launch was yesterday in Saskatoon.  Our dealer is going to charge $189. Canadian, for the upgrade which is the recommended amount suggested by Janome Canada and that will include the technician's installation of the needle threader fix, and a machine cleaning.  I also checked this with the dealer an hour away and she is doing the same thing for her customers.  This is for the ones that purchased their machines at their stores.  There may be a bit more charge for customers that purchased elsewhere and want the upgrade done at these 2 places.  Those folks will also have to wait until all the upgrades are done on the machines sold here.

Also Horizon Link Suite will be offered after the 15000's are upgraded, by giving a link to do this.  I'm thinking that Janome is being protective about the upgrade/updates to software, so that it can't be shared.

I've got my machine booked in for the end of next week.  I'll report back on how all the features work, once I try them out.


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I think it depends where you live. From what I understand the upgrade is free with the needle threader .The accessories are at a cost however the dealer has the option to charge labor.

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I have received the new quilting accessories and software update for the Janome 15000. It cost £120 (UK). I have to install the update myself and when this is done the machine is to be sent to Janome UK to have the new needle threader fitted free of charge. Not to the local dealer as we thought. Janome will arrange carriage both ways free of charge.

It seems that the needle threader will only be installed free if the upgrade is purchased. (I may be wrong!)



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