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Ok, thanks Bernice – and poodles.  LOL.  I want a poodle herd.

I have some of that glue too.  I haven’t started the project yet though.


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No I used the E6000 tube glue.
Bernice and the poodle herd.

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Thanks for the ideas.  I’m finishing up a couple of quilt blocks and then I’ll take a closer look to see how much of the fabric I can hoop.  So you both think embroidery would be better than trying decorative stitches?


Bernice did you use Aleene’s fabric glue for the organza?





You could embroider on organza and the cut very close around the design and then glue them anywhere you want.

Bernice Ramsey and the poodle herd


I've done embroidery on car seats commercially. Easiest place is the back head rest. You need to take into account how much the area will be stretched to fit over the seat. Use a single color for,maximum effect.

Mary E


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