Re: Embroider Buddy on Janome15000


I'm sorry that there have been problems with embroidering on the stuffed critters. So frustrating when it doesn't go as planned. :-(

A little off topic, but hopefully some levity... :-)

I did chuckle when I read about the granddaughter playing with the monkey's components rather than monkey. It brought back the memories of the stuffed teddy bear I'd made for my nephew. The bear was made from a really nice, soft, plush, fake fur. The body went together well, and the head was finished, and really cute. I was tickled. But for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get the head to attach to the body and stay upright.
Since I my sister and nephew were going to be visiting with our Mom and Dad, and I was visiting, too, I took the two parts. My sister was a whiz at the sewing machine, so I thought she'd have a fix for the problem.
When my nephew saw the "bear" he loved it (I stitched the "neck" closed so the stuffing wouldn't escape). He never did care that the bear, which got named Headless, had no head. It was very soft and cuddly.
My sister did balk, however, when he started kindergarden and wanted to take the bear for show and tell!
The nephew turned 31 this year, a college grad with really good job and darling bride. His experience with a bear without a head hasn't seemed to do him any long-term damage.
Tee hee.

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