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blue_lak <no_reply@...>

While I'm not a techie by any stretch of the imagination, please clarify why.
If my iPad files/designs are included in my iCloud backup, wouldn't I be able to access those when I log into my iCloud account from my laptop?

BTW, according to the app store, it does work with S9 as well as older 15000s with 2.11 update.

Jan in MD

iPad backups don't show up in iCloud on a laptop, Mac or Windows. You can view the backups as detailed here:
However you cannot actually do anything with the backup file other than delete it. In addition the contents of the backup cannot be accessed, as the whole thing is in a single proprietary file. I'm also somewhat dubious about the actual JEF file being stored in the backup. It's more likely that they generate it on the fly when sending to the 15000, since they don't provide any way to save anything, even the drawn lines, within the app.

Yes, I bungled badly regarding the S9. I made to assumption that AcuSketch would ask you to identify the machine, as the updated AcuEdit does. Apparently it's able to figure out what machine you have from the WiFi connection.

We'll be doing a video on AcuSketch when time permits. 

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