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Barb Engvall

I have my machine (15000) set to automatically come on to 9.0….and I have a quarter inch foot that helps.

My challenge with the patchwork setting is that I constantly need to reset it when sewing a series of blocks the same size. It ends up short…

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I agree Laura. I never seemed to remember I had to move the needle position until I had sewn a couple of seams and then had to tear them out. Now I use the Cloth Guide and it works great!!


On 8/24/2017 7:46 AM, Laura Brayford broomla@... [janome12000] wrote:
I have found on my 12000 and would most likely apply to the 15000 that although I have my O foot attached then i use the 1/4" in the patchwork mode I need to move my needle position from default setting of 8.3 to up to 9.0. Only way I can get a decent 1/4". 

Edmonton, AB

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