Re: An update on The Update

Anne Parker


Many thanks for all the info regarding the update.

Would you be able to clarify something for me though.  My machine is packed for moving and will shortly be taken 200 miles away to my step-daiughter for storage.  We are moving to an area in a different part of the country about 250 miles away from where we live and 300 miles away from my daughter.  My current local dealer was given a percentage of the price I paid at a show for the machine several years ago in order to be registered as my local dealer - but of course when we move they will be 250 miles away and no longer my local dealer. 

I'm sure there must be lots of other people with 15000s that have moved probably hundreds of miles away from their local dealer - so - in order to get the update they would need to go to a dealer that wasn't their original local one.  Are you saying that a new local dealer would not be able to install the update? And we would all need to travel to the orginal one.

I guess when it comes to it I have a machine that works fine, including the needle threader so I can just follow things up with my local dealer who will only be about 20 miles away - and I am in no rush for the update. :0)  If I get no joy I will contact Janome UK directly for their advice.

Thanks again for providing at least some clarification on these issues.


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I can't really address how things work in the UK, because each country that Janome sells in has their own practices and customs. In the US, if you buy a machine at a show the local dealer gets nothing. This makes them at best dismissive and at worst openly hostile if/when the purchaser comes to their store seeking help or accessories. In a situation where the machine itself needs to have physical work done on it, this required parts will go to the selling dealer. Presumably a show purchaser could ship the machine to that dealer, though the "free" upgrade would incur substantial shipping fees. This is something Janome America will have to work through. Since Janome UK has a policy in place of sharing revenue from a show sale with the local dealer, I would assume they have thought about this. You may wish to contact them for advice.

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