Re: Horizon Link Suite Ver 1.31

Anne Parker

Hi Judy

Thanks for the info regarding Horizon Link Suite and the latest upgrade and that it has to be dealer installed.  Can you advise where you got the info from? How much is it to install?  Are people that own the 15000 informed individually that they should go to their dealer for it - or is it just something you asked your dealer about given the information on the global website.  It all seems very disorganised and haphazard to me :0)

I thought it was only some software update for the machine for the new feet that needed dealer assistance? - in order to ensure the sensor for the new plate and blocking out most stitches worked.

I really do feel that the info from Janome is not specific, clear, or easily obtained.

Not that I can actually do anything as my machine is packed for moving! :0)


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