Brief mechanical error

Pru Joy

I was very happily ensconced in creating a micro gothic label on the 15000 when all of a sudden there was no response on the touchscreen & a tock tock tocking sound coming from the head of the machine.  I turned the machine off & then on again & it was all back to normal.

Jim would you have any ideas as to what that brief glitch could be?  It could help me describe it better to the serviceman when I take it in for its clean & update in about a month or so.
    • The sound would suggest that something was keeping the embroidery carriage from moving. If there was any thread nesting on the back of the piece that would do it. A bit of fabric caught between the carriage and the back of the machine could do it as well. When you take it in for service have the technician remove the cover from the embroidery carriage and have a look inside, just to ensure that there is no debris inside. I have also seen this happen when a screw comes loose inside the carriage and floats around until it binds movement.

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