New Needle Threader for the 15000

Cheryl Paul

Yes, the needle threader is a whole new part for the 15000 that needs to be installed by a Janome Technician. I understand that all dealers will have available to them at no cost from Janome a needle threader for every machine they have sold - definitely version 1 machines and probably the version 2’s as well. The new machine (which I think is Version 3) already has the new threader on it. If your dealer charges you, it should only be for the technician’s time, but that is probably up to each individual dealer. I know that the one in my neighbouring city is NOT charging her customers. I’m hoping my dealer does that OR I will go to my neighbouring city as the dealer there has told me she will do the upgrade for me.

I suggest that anyone with a 15000 do all the research you can about the cost, because this shouldn’t cost anyone very much. I will be a very impatient lady for the next couple of weeks waiting for that needle threader to make its way to our dealers. It will be so wonderful to finally be able to have 110% success threading my machine, as I don’t think I had even 10% since I bought my machine almost 4 years ago.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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