Re: Tension and Excitement about Update hope for threader

J Fraker

I use heavy spray starch on all my fabric before cutting out quilt pieces.  I dislike having to bother with a leader and the starch nearly eliminates that problem.  It also makes for more accurate piecing.

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Thanks Jan this is all great info - I do use a leader, I just cut binding scraps into squares and keep them beside the machine. When I chain piece the "gobbling up" is not as big a problem. I have checked the needle drop and all is well. The foot I use is the clear view 1/4" foot sometimes I use the screw on guide, sometimes I don't, I like to see where the fabric is under the foot. I program one of my straight stitches like #4 which I never use to exactly a 1/4" seam and my desired stitch length and then when I piece I just hit 4 and go. As I say it's mostly with pieces where you begin at the point that it's a problem, so for those I always start with a fresh needle usually a smaller one maybe a 70 (which the threader won't even touch). As you see I have adapted but I have always thought if I could easily have a single hole throat plate, foot combo that is great for piecing I'd be happy. Maybe this new HP plate combo is my answer I will check it out. Thanks to all who have responded on my thread.

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