Re: Tension and Excitement about Update hope for threader

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I'm very lucky my needle threader works well. I have to leave a little tail after passing the thread through the cutter or it doesn't catch, but only about an inch. If the tail is too long, the thread loops around the screw, and sometimes I accidentally unthread the needle. The one on the S9 is great; kind of a combination of the 12000 and 15000. I haven't tried it since the dealer replaced it. I should do that. As much as I love the 15000, I'll sure be glad when it's paid for! Twenty four months was a little steep for me, but far better than credit card financing. I guess that's how he keeps his prices low. Trading the 12000 for the S9 was the best way to go for me. Private sales can be messy, and as they say "time is money". I can't imagine ever needing another machine, but I would definitely trade in again if I did; no haggling, no buyers backing out and no pay pal fees 🙂 Sue Raabe

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