Re: Tension and Excitement about Update hope for threader

blue_lak <no_reply@...>

The single hole needle plate locks the needle position so the only way to get any variation in seam width is to use a foot with an adjustable guide. The Janome Edge Guide Foot SE is one option. Other things that can help  with piecing when starting a seam at the point of a triangle is to spray your fabric with sizing, use a starter scrap of fabric, use 50 wt thread, use an embroidery needle, and a small size needle, e.g. 11. I've had the most success just using a starter scrap to avoid feed dogs gobbling fabric.
If you're really having trouble getting a scant 1/4" seam with your zig zag plate and foot, you might want to check to see if the needle drop position needs adjusting by your dealer. You can verify if it's correct if the needle drops into the center hole on the zipper foot when it's at 4.5 position.

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