Re: Janome updates

Cheryl Paul

I thought that an update this soon was to good to be true but to lazy to go down to my sewing machine to see what the last version I put on really was. I discovered that I am totally up-to-date and have been since the last was released whenever that was. I do wish that Janome (and anyone that does updates that need downloading) would put a date for those updates - it would really simplify matters for everyone.

I haven’t ordered my upgrade yet, but I might find out the cost next week as one of my 2 dealers is in Las Vegas this week and the other is going to Minneapolis next week. I’m always torn as I have 2 wonderful dealers within a reasonable distance. One is in the next small city at 70-75 miles from my door and the other 7 miles across the river. Both have become business friends and I like them both. I do not play them against each other as all need to make a living or we wouldn’t have businesses, and I don’t like to play that game either. I will probably use the local dealer as that is where I bought my 15000 4 years ago.

I just took the 15000 in for a major service, as I haven’t done that since I purchased it - it has been to the shop to have the needle threader fixed several times and it still doesn’t like me, so I’ve got out my little needle threader from my serger box and it works fine and so do my eyes most of the time if my glasses are clean and I feel like bending my head to the correct level.

I’ll report back what I learn from Wendy, when I talk to her next week. My curiosity will need to have all the “new” information as soon as I can get it, just because I’m me and I NEED to know. I’m just glad that it isn’t a new machine as I really haven’t used mine enough to trade, but also know “me” and that I’d want it as son as I’ve seen it. I know that the “quilting” needle plate and foot are awesome as I have a friend with the 9400 and she swears by it.

Enough rambling so I’ll sign off.

JIM: Did your or Diane go to any of the Janome Institutes this time?

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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