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I use the single hole straight stitch plate with the app for patchwork and set the width to 9 which sews an exact ¼”.  I use the O foot which has a ¼” guide on it.   I would prefer a scant ¼” though.  I’m waiting to hear how others like the new plate and settings.


If you want to use the straight stitch plate in the center you can add a cloth guide after you measure where the scant ¼” is.  I use a magnetic one or an adhesive one, depending on what I’m sewing.  I find if I line the fabric up right inside the opening of the F foot it’s ¼”. 


I’ve seen others complain about tension issues and have had tension issues myself, but being new to sewing I don’t know if it’s just me.  A friend said her dealer told her it’s a known issue and many 15000s go in to get the tension mechanism replaced. 


Happily, my needle threader is still working.  I had to take it back several times and the last time he swapped the whole mechanism. It would be nice if they came up with a new one, maybe a mechanical one, since this automatic one is thrown off so easily.



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I complained of tension issues while FMQ a few weeks back and now I am trying out a in the hoop bag and am also finding tension issues in embroidery mode. I am using the yellow dot bobbin and have the tension all the way up to max and finally getting a passable stitch. I have never had these problems so I guess it's time for an adjustment. I hope I can wait for the BIG UPDATE, get a service at that time and come home with a "new machine".


All of the update talk really has me excited. I am a quilter and the new foot and plate sound like the answer to one of my problems. I have yet to find a sure fire, 1/4" piecing solution, with any foot and single hole plate combo. When I sew triangular or any piecing that starts at the tip (point) of the pieces if I am not careful things get jammed down into the machine. I have asked several times here if anyone has figured out how to use a 1/4" foot with the single hole plate and for some reason my question is always misunderstood.


My needle threader is not working AGAIN, after it's last adjustment it only worked for a few sewing sessions. So it's back to the handy manual threader. I tried to auto thread a 70/10 needle and that was all she wrote. I am SUPER ANXIOUS to know if its true that they have come up with an new threader that will come with the update so if anyone knows for sure please let me know.

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