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Hello All,

Here's some info from my favorite Janome dealer. He's awesome. He gives the best customer service!  I didn't even buy my 15000 from him and he helps me. 

You can order anything from him. If you live outside of Texas, no sales tax. Also free shipping if you spend $50 or more. 

He has a whole wall of AccuQuilt dies and a ton of supplies besides machines!


On Aug 8, 2017, at 6:11 PM, Mark <mark@...> wrote:

#1. Janome has brought out an update to your MC15,000. I will email you when I get the stuff in and you can come by with the machine next time you are over this way and we will do the update...This update includes a new presser foot shank and embroidery P foot. This is a free of charge update so you will not be charged anything for this.
They also have some new presser feet that work with the machine upgrade. This is a set of 5 feet and 1 needle plate. This is priced at $149

#2 Janome is introducing a new professional machine model# 6700P. This is a 1200 stitch per minute machine with the accu-feed flex walking foot system. It is a heavy duty machine designed for the person who sews for a living. Retail for the machine is $3799 and is going to have an introductory price of $3299.

There are also some new apps for the MC15000 on i-tunes that you can download.

#3  Janome has a new digitizer software coming out call Artistic Digitizer Software. It combines their digitizing, cutting, crystal, applique and stencil software all into one.

#4 They have a new product called the weightless quilter. This is a device that sits around your machine and it holds your quilt for you sew you do not have all the weight of the fabric down towards the floor. This is used when you are free motion sewing a quilt on your machine. It floats left and right and back and forth "sew" it moves with your motion. Sells for $299

They also have a bunch of new accessories for their long arm quilting machines.

Thanks for the email and if you need anything let me know. Have a fantastic week and stay dry over there!!

Oh and if your friend wants one of those machines just have her give me a call and I will be happy to set her up with it.

Talk to you soon!

Mark Wynn
Sew Vac City
3800 state Hwy 6 South
Suite 100
College Station, TX 77845


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