Re: S9 Embroidery issues

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

This question is about the 15000, but could apply to any machine.  The white part underneath  the removable bobbin case appears to have a couple of deep scratches.  I'm not having any problems, but was wondering if I should have them taken care of.  The machine is so heavy, I dread taking it to the dealer.  99% of my problems are from putting the bobbin case back in right, but it needs cleaning underneath!  Thanks.  Sue Raabe

That white plastic piece does get a lot of wear and tear, especially if a needle breaks or isn't in the holder tightly. It will affect stitch quality if it's damaged. I used to routinely change those during tune-ups and I ordered 25 at a time. However many dealers don't do anything with it. Before taking it in to your dealer call and make sure it's in stock. No use waiting for a couple of weeks for it to be ordered! The part number is 627191000 and it's called the "Hook race bottom plate". I know it fits the 15000, as I've replaced ours. In fact it fits pretty much all of the Janome top-load machines. This is an inexpensive part and can be replaced quickly.

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