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Vikki Youngmeyer

As with any sewing machine, whatever brand, if there is lint in the threading path (upper/lower/both), it will wreak havoc with the getting the needle threaded and making a decent stitch. It’s the nature of the machine. Yes, it has computer components, but it comes down to basic techniques. It is  threading a needle and pulling up a bobbin thread. That is a physical issue. Computers do a lot of things, but a sewing machine has yet to be developed that cleans out the thread paths by sending a text message to it to do so!


Try threading just a regular sewing needle with a thread. If the thread is split, it won’t thread. If the needle is damaged it won’t thread. If the thread is too big for the needle, it won’t thread. If there is anything blocking the flow of thread there is a problem.


It’s not necessarily the fault of your machine that it won’t thread. That’s just the top of the pyramid! Be proactive and check out the rest of the thread paths before blaming the machine for everything! Most of us don’t like doing maintenance, such as cleaning!


I had an old Singer before I got my 6500 and had lots of problems with it. When I got my Janome 6500, guess what, I had some (but not all) of the same problems I had with my Singer. DUH! Maybe I was doing something stupid, and it wasn’t the machine’s fault! I was self-taught and had picked up some bad habits thru ignorance. I never had a “formal” lesson on my previous machines until the 6500. It turned out the instructors were more clueless about machines than I was. I had some problems with my machines and actually had to show them what was wrong with my machine by comparing them side by side with another 6500 machine – and that was an “authorized Janome technician”.  I still have bad habits, but that’s another issue!


Vikki Youngmeyer

Houston, TX


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