Re: S9 Embroidery issues

Toni Valenstein

I followed your instructional EXACTLY, even using the LOCK function while threading.  The lower one was done yesterday, the upper is the one I did after following your instructions.  No difference!

Since it's not consistent I don't think it's a tension issue. I have not yet seen an S9 so I don't know much about the details. If it has a plastic embroidery foot take it off and look at the opening under a magnifying glass. A nick in the foot will grab the thread and cause this type of problem. Also look carefully at both bobbin cases, again for a nick or scratch. Inspect the hole in the needle plate for rough edges. A needle strike can cause this. Also take out the bobbin case you are using and look in the area where the thread goes when you thread it. A small ball of lint between the spring and the thread path will alter the bobbin tension and cause this. Is your thread on a small spool? Using the large spool cap with small spools can cause problems, as the thread gets too much pull going around the cap. Likewise using the small cap with a large spool can cause trouble, especially if there is a burr or sticky label on top of the spool. If all else fails take the fabric, threads, and stabilizer to your dealer and ask them to test it.

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