S9 Embroidery issues

Toni Valenstein

I did a practice embroidery and the white bobbin thread is pulling up and showing on the top.  I brought the machine back to the dealer (again).  I was told it was because I was not using embroidery bobbin thread.  I was using a regular (thin) bobbin thread.  I bought a package of the Janome pre-wound embroidery bobbin thread.  Went back to try it again and still had the same results.  I tried changing the stabilizer.  I tried changing the plate. When I tried using the embroidery bobbin holder, it sucked all the embroidery thread into the machine.  I'm using a good brand embroidery thread.  Don't know what else to do except throw the machine through the window (only kidding).  My settings for tension, etc. was checked by the dealer.

I'm so upset with this machine!  Any answers???

Bobbin thread pull-up can happen if you put the bobbin in backward. As you sew it will pull out of the bobbin tension. Look at the plastic bobbin cover and make sure you put it in as shown. The pulling of embroidery thread into the machine is almost certainly due to either not having the thread in the take-up lever, or not using the LOCK function while threading.

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