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J Fraker

Get yourself four medium size binder clips, clip the quilt onto the hoop between the magnets.  That will help hold everything in place and keep the magnets from popping off.  

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I have to clarify something that I think is being missed in this whole thread for the DIME topper and the Janome’s Acufill hoop system. It is NOT because the magnets are not strong enough to hold things in the hoop but because they aren’t able to stay clipped in place because the thickness of the quilt sandwich. I didn’t have as much problem with an ordinary quilt as I did with the baby quilt I made that I put “cuddle” fabric as the backing, a regular cotton batting as the filler and a quilt that had a number of seams that the magnets just didn’t stay on the quilt. I think that they could have been very strong magnets and they still wouldn’t have held because of the thickness and that the “clothes peg” clamp just didn’t have enough space to stay clamped on to the hoop. I had them well and truly clamped on and the ones that popped made drove me mad, but I still had to wrangle the others off as they were magnetized to their location on the quilt.

I just think that there needs to be a better clamp for those hoops, or perhaps 2 sets - maybe a clothes peg type. However, we’d have to convince our Janome Educators that this is a problem as they are our resource ticket to the Janome Company. They use these products in their sampling and obviously just don’t run into the same problems that we “home users” do. Our Canadian lead educator sews LOTS on a daily basis and she has never mentioned having this problem and I did tell her about mine.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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