Re: janome quilt toppere

Anne Parker

Thanks for the explanation.  I would think if the quilt wasn't near the machine bed but laid on top of the hoop then there would need to be some adjustment in the tension of both top and bottom to form a correct lock stitch without any puckers or loops.

I think I'll just stick with what I've got which to be honest I haven't really used yet.  Just packed my 15000 all away in it's boxes to take to my step-daughters for safe keeping while we are moving (Selling the house, moving stuff into storage, living in the motorhome until we find somewhere in Pembrokeshire - at least the boats there, though not without the adventure of a near force 9 gale, but that's another story! :0))

I will really miss the 15000 and will have to resort to my low end Janome and vintage Vesta Saxonia TS machine which I can fit in the motorhome - I guess it will be refreshing and I will love the 15000 all the more when I get to unpack it again! It's a brilliant machine.


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