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You lay it on the Quilt in line with the hoop and then use the magnets in the topper slots in the same locations that you used the Janome magnets.  I attended a DIME workshop this past weekend at my dealers and got one at a good discount and they showed me how it works.  So I thought it was worth trying.

Also, I learned that they are coming out with some magnetic SNAP Monster hoops for the Janome 500e.  However, I saw one on the demo machine and was NOT impressed with how they designed their latch mechanism to attach it to the machine.  It is all plastic with a twist latch that locks it onto the pins.  It  looked to me to be a really weak part in the overall design. I think it would vibrate loose in time and not hold securely for long term use.


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Ok, I just got my Janome Quilt Topper and had expected some instructions with it.  Not even a picture of it in use.  Do I just put it on the hoop and put the magnets like I did with the original?

Gail in FL

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