wide foot peddle for 12000

Charlene Kay Bergren

Hoping someone has an answer for this issue,  and if this has been previously discussed, am sorry for the duplication.  Does anyone know if the cord that goes from the wide foot peddle to the machine can be replaced.  I'm using my 11000 peddle currently, as the wide one seems to cause the machine to show an error message.  It stitches a couple of stitches and then an error message.  No problem at all with the 11000 peddle.  The number on this controller is 21380.  Thanks in advance for any help regarding this matter.  A new one is way over $100.00.


The cables (cords) for foot controls are not sold separately, as they are soldered directly to the control board inside the foot control. The plug on the end of the wide foot control looks to be a standard 3-conductor plug that you could get at Radio Shack (oops, gone but not quite forgotten). The problem you are having, though, is not in the plug. There is a break in one of the 3 wires inside the cable. Somebody with some electronics skills could cut the cable somewhere before the break and then attach a new plug. Or find the break, cut out that part of the cable, then splice the wires. This would create an ugly lump in the cable, probably covered with black tape, but it would work. Unfortunately, while this is a fairly common problem, Janome does not provide replacement cables for dealers to order. You might see if your dealer would be willing to ship the controller back to Janome for repair, checking first to see the cost. It won't be covered by warranty, and you will be responsible for shipping charges, but they won't be very much. If the repair estimate is less than the cost of a new foot control do that. I guarantee that Janome will not repair it, but will just send a new one. Worth a try!

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