Re: Janome S 3 or S5

Liz Borgman

I have a jenome take around for my portable sewing machine. Dearly love it. We feet that I have for my larger machine fits both

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I have the Janome Style 100, but the lighting is terrible for me. and a few more things I wished it had. I use it to sew at a friends house every 3 months or so. We sew 5 to 6 hrs at a time.

I like something that is enjoyable to sew on. My other 2 machine's are to heavy to take over and go up my friends stairs. Don't want to spend to much maybe $1000.00 the most.

I have a Bernina and Brother. 

Does anyone have good advice to pick that had good lighting, needle up and down and if possible Knee lift.

This is my first Janome and do like it that little machine had a good motor and solid.

Thank You,


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