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Try the sewing machines plus link.  The 15000's hoop is on sale ($39.99) through 7/10, and they had an additional 10% off.  When I looked, if you spent $49.99 shipping was free.   Otherwise, shipping for just that item, at least to my west coast address, was less than $5.

If you make your own, would you share the How To?


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Oh, I see.  If you select the 220mm x 220 mm size Janome 15000 shows up.  For $49.99 plus shipping I think I’ll make my own frame.  I already have the magnets and the hoop.  They are inexpensive on ebay.  I checked and they stick to the metal in the hoop well.  I think it will be quite easy to glue them to a thin wooden or acrylic frame.



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Check  it out here and go to the bottom of the page and choose 220mm by 220mm hoop.  It will show it's for the 12,000, 14,000, and 15,000 with the acufil hoop.

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