Ghost Rider

Lucy Fino

I haven't seen this question before so here goes...  When I let off of the foot pedal my 15000 sometimes continues to sew, sometime for a couple stitches and sometimes continues until I tap it.  Any helpful ideas?

Usually this is due to one of two things:

1. Dust or debris (dog & cat hair especially) has accumulated inside the foot control. Cleaning that out will fix the problem, but it's tricky to open with springs, etc. Also the screws are usually hidden under the rubber skid prevention pads on the bottom.

2. A capacitor inside the foot control has failed. It's not difficult to replace, but dealers will almost always want to replace the foot control. If it's out of warranty this can be pricey.

3. OK, I lied, there is one more possibility. Sometimes the plug in the machine that the foot control plugs into will break loose from the electronics board that it connects to. This can make the foot control unresponsive sometimes, as well as pop up messages with pictures of the foot control. Generally will not cause the machine to keep running, but I thought I should mention it.

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