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I've been told by my local Brother Dealer that DIME does make a 5 X 7 magnetice hook for the MC15000.. Been waiting 5 months to get it, so I'm beginning to doubt her just a bit!

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No.  I wish they would make one.  They do make a snap hoop for the multiple needle Janome embroidery machine but none for the 12000 or 15000.  I’ve often thought of making my own somehow.  I have super strong magnets I could glue to the top I’m just not sure how I’d attach them to the bottom hoop and not impede the glide of the hoop.
The ruler foot parts Jim has given part numbers for works great in the 15000.  I use in for FMQ as well.  It works better for me than the PD-H foot.
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Does anyone know if we can use the Janome Snap Hoop Monster by DIME on our machines?  This is a magnetic hoop like our accufil hoop but it comes in an 8" x 11" size and is made to use for heavy items including quits.  
My friend has a Bernina and bought the one for her machine plus the Edge to Edge quilting software and is quilting her on tops like crazy.  She says the line up of the designs is easy and she can do a whole quilt in a couple of hours.
Also, while I was at the quilt show in Paducah, I heard that Janome was making a new ruler foot for the 15000 because they don't recommend us using the one we currently have.  Has anyone heard any more on this?

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