Barbara Romanufa

I finally got into ruler quilting after borrowing a Westalee foot from a friend.  I decided I enjoyed it enough to buy the Janome foot.  I have the Janome 15000 and the Skyline 7. Jim stated in the foot book I need the QB-s Convertible Free Motion Foot, Part #767434005 and also the convertible Free motion foot No. 202146001..  My dealer knew nothing about those numbers exactly but sold me the Free Motion Frame quilting set 767434005 and the Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set no. 202-001-003.  I live in Canada and thought maybe the numbers were different so I'd give it a try.

The foot works fine when I put it on and quilt, turning off the automatic foot lifter, etc.  But when I turn the machine off and then come back to it, it won't run and comes up with a message, Lift Presser Foot and turn machine back one.  The presser foot is lifted and I can't do anything.  This message is the same on both machines.  I took the foot off and the machine runs fine..  Just wondering if anyone has had this problem, and what the solution was.

Thanks to all, Barbara

Your dealer sold you the wrong foot. You have the QB-H Convertible Free Motion foot set. Because of the way it is designed it does not allow the presser foot lifter to get the foot as high as it should be, hence the message. Note that the part numbers in FootBook are the same, but without the intervening hyphens. Janome's ordering system does not use the hyphens, which is why I omit them. You need part #202-146-001, which should have QB-S stamped on the side. The frame quilting set he sold you use correct. It's also the only one of its kind, at least so far.

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