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Lynne Dean

I bought the RE18 hoop last month.  It does show up as the last hoop on page 2, so you need to press the right arrow to get to that page.




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I finally got my V1.20 Update installed on my Elna eXcellence 900 (same as the Janome 12000) and it showed as the current version when I finished in install.

The RE18 (5.5 x 7) hoop did not show up on the hoops list on the machine. I put one of my own designs on a formatted USB stick and put it in the machine. The design came up but it did not show the hoop size - it showed the 9.1 x 9.1. I did a "Trace the outline" to make sure it stayed within the hoop edges and it did. I sewed it out and it worked fine.

Has anyone had the actual 5.5 x 7 hoop show either on the list or when you put in a design that fits it?

Mary A Rease - bigmary@...
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I can't speak to the Elna 900, as we've only ever had Janome. However on the 12000 15000, after installing the update for RE18 you need to use the scroll arrows on the right side of the touch screen when viewing the hoop list. The RE18 is probably on a part of the list that is not in view.


Also keep in mind that every design has a required hoop stored within it. So if you have a design that previously required SQ23 and you open it in the updated machine it will still show SQ23. You need to edit it and change the hoop before stitching.


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