AcuDesign & SQ22

Pru Joy

I just imported some designs into AcuDesign in order to resize them to fit the SQ22 hoop but was confused to find that this hoop is not listed as a selection.  Does anyone know the why or the wherefore???

The hoop selections in AcuDesign have always been pretty random. This app is a modified form of DRAWings Snap, made for Janome by Wings Systems. In addition to that, the machine choices are limited. The S9, which has wireless, is not listed, nor is the 500E. The 200E and 350E are listed. I'm wondering if Janome used AcuDesign as a stop-gap when the 15000 came out, to give them time to make their own app. The level of complexity in creating an app like AcuDesign is a couple orders of magnitude higher than AcuEdit and it's conceivable that they've been working on their own for a year or two.

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