Re: Need help trying to switch my email address-


From what I've read about the Verizon/Yahoo merger, Verizon is getting out of the email business.  
So far, there is no change to Yahoo email accounts.  (If you are an AOL user, see below, too (I don't use AOL, so I didn't go any further with AOL).

I searched the www for  

It took me to their main webpage, and in the search box (far right edge), I searched for 
Yahoo email
Which took me to:
Search results for "yahoo email":

From there, you can click on either of these (or other) headings and see further information.  Bottom line, Yahoo email isn't changing. Yet.  
If/when they do, they will notify anyone with a email address.  (As always, be cautious since there are plenty of twits who want your information!)

As always, I hope this is useful information!


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