Re: The honeymoon is over


I read with interest all the comments re the threader for the 15000 (and everything else, too!), for which I'm ever so appreciative. 😊 👍. Getting back into sewing after a 30+ year break is interesting, so the pearls have been wonderful. Thank you, one and all.

Back to the threader.
After I've done all the steps as shown in the manual (pages 15-16) I've noticed I can manually adjust the needle a little higher by turning the hand wheel a teeny bit before I press the needle threader button. When I've done that any needle sized 12 and up threads perfectly. The manual indicates it will do any needle sized 11 and up.
I haven't tested size 11 since my "discovery" and my current project is happiest with a 14 or 16.

Some of my never but never used needles from my previous machine happened to be Organ. They, as well as the new Janome/Organ and Schmetz needles I'm acquiring, are all working. It isn't mattering that they (my old needles) have the "smaller" standard eye (not the larger embroidery eye).

It does take a little of the auto out of automatic, but it's working for me and I'm tickled.
Hope this helps someone.


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