Welcome to the 12000 Group!

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

This group is hosted by Diane and Jim Stutsman. We were Janome dealers for 25 years, until our retirement in early 2011. We are continuing to develop informational products for Janome machines, and the 12000 offers many opportunities. Our products are featured on our website: www.onlinesewing.com

We have had our 12000 for a couple of days, and we're still clearing out space in Diane's sewing room to set it up. The video that comes with the machine is pretty sparse, and the manual leaves a lot unanswered as well. That means we'll be doing a LOT of support material for this machine!

We're moderating membership here to prevent infiltration by spammers. Messages are not currently moderated, but that could change. As the list's "Nana" and "Papa" (5 small people call us by those names), we'll be friendly dictators. No flaming, no spamming, no selling, all the usual "don'ts". For those of you on digest, PLEASE do trim off the excess when responding. Nobody likes reading a digest with previous digests embedded in it. If you break the rules frequently, we'll put you on moderation, and we'd really rather not do that. Even in retirement there are nowhere near enough hours in the day, and having to approve messages is not something we want to do.

Thanks for signing up. Now let's hear from you!

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